Belal Al Mazlom

Hello, I'm Belal
Senior Full Stack Developer

Building web applications and mobile apps using React and React Native.

About me

A seasoned, enthusiastic, and design-minded full stack developer with 12+ years of technical experience in developing web applications, backend, frontend, mobile applications, and mentoring fresh developers. Highly skilled in Javascript frameworks and web tools.

Favorite tools: React, React Native, NodeJS, StyledComponents, TypeScript, NextJs, GatsbyJS, GraphQl, Apollo client,, Feathers.JS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and RethinkDB.

I worked on Angular 2+, RXJS, RamdaJS, D3JS, Redis, PHP frameworks like Laravel , CodeIgniter, Zend framework 1, Magento 1, Magento 2, JAVA, C# and ASP.Net.

Previously exposed to use old software such as PolymerJs, Adobe Flash, Adobe Air, Phonegap, JQuery, and Jquery UI.


List of favorite projects that I work on ...

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Belal Al Mazlom

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